Privacy Policy of Beautlada

The Beginning

Our goal at is to protect and preserve our guests’ privacy. Some of the most essential parts of our privacy policy are summed up in these “key points.” You should also read the whole privacy policy.

The Information We Gather

Your data or information will be collected if you sign up with us. Any piece of information that can be used to identify a person is called personal data or personal information. It doesn’t include data that has been anonymized, which means that no one’s name is attached to it.

We may gather, use, store, and send other types of information about you, which we have grouped into the following groups:

Your first and last name, date of birth, and gender are all examples of “identity data.”

In “Contact Data,” you’ll find delivery addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Bank accounts, payment histories, and payment card information are all examples of “financial data.”

“Medical Data” includes:

  • Your patient medical data.
  • Information about your doctor.
  • Patient notes.
  • Medical pictures (like photos of you).
  • Consultation notes.
  • Information about the drugs you’ve ordered and your order history.

This type of data is considered sensitive personal data for data security laws. This information will only be gathered if you have given us explicit permission. You can provide us with the authorization by filling out and sending us online forms and medical surveys, talking to us on the phone or private messaging, or submitting photos.

“Marketing and Communications Data” includes your choices about how you want to be marketed to by us and our third-party partners and how you want to be contacted.

For our use, we also gather and use Aggregated Data, which is what this phrase means. It could be scientific or demographic data. Aggregated Data may come from Your Data, but it’s not personal because it doesn’t directly or indirectly show who you are. For instance, we might collect data about how you use our website and services and then determine what percentage of users access a specific website feature. This data is kept anonymous, though. So, we mix or connect Aggregated Data with Your Data to make it possible to directly or indirectly identify you. In that case, we will treat that data as personal data and use it in line with our Privacy Policy .

How do you get your data?

We get information about you and from you in several ways, such as:

Automated tools or interactions: If you use our website, we may collect information about your computer, how you browse it, and the sites you visit. When you visit our website, we automatically collect information about how you use it. It includes information about the pages you view and the tools you access. This kind of data could consist of aggregate, traffic, location, and other types of contact data. Check out our Cookie Policy to learn more about the cookies we use.

How your medical information is used and kept private

We treat your medical information as confidential. It means that our employees can only see it if they work in healthcare and have a similar duty of privacy or if we have another legal reason to process your medical information. We will only share your Medical Data with your permission if we are legally allowed to or have to.

If you permit us, we will only send you marketing materials about our goods and services using your Medical Data.

Because of the following, we may use your Medical Data:

They make and run internal training guides and classes for our healthcare workers and

build, train, and improve machine learning technology, such as artificial intelligence systems so that we can better serve you. It has nothing to do with choosing you; it’s just about improving our services and tools so that you and other users have a better time.   

By emailing us at, you can change your mind at any time and tell us not to use your Medical Data in a way that counts on your permission. It will keep how you use our services the same.

How to Use Cookies

You can tell your computer to reject all cookies or just some of them, or it can tell you when websites set or access cookies. Please remember that some parts of this website might not work or be available if you stop or refuse cookies. Check out our Cookie Policy to learn more about the cookies we use.

How Your Data Will Be Used

We will only use personal information when the law allows us to. We will use your data most of the time when one of these factors is met:

where we need to go to carry out the deal we made with you;

in situations where we have to follow the law;

when it’s necessary to protect our or a third party’s valid interests, and your rights and interests don’t come before those interests;

when it’s needed to make a medical diagnosis, give medical care or treatment, or

when it’s in the public interest to do so in public health, like ensuring that high standards of quality and safety are met in health care and with medicines or medical devices.

In more detailed terms, we will use the data we get from you in the following situations:

So that we can give you our health services;

So that we can meet the standards of the law;

To get in touch with you if there is a question or issue with your order;

To let you know about any changes we make to our website, services, or items and things;

To keep records;

For internal training and creating tools for internal training;

Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools will help us give you better health care and

To record and study what people do on our website.

For marketing reasons

Please be aware that we will only contact you for marketing reasons if you have specifically told us to do so. If you agree that we can contact you for business reasons, we may use Your Data for one or more of the following:

To send you information about our goods or services you have requested.

We may send you information about other goods you might be interested in.

Let certain third parties use Your Data to send you information about things and services that aren’t linked to this one but that you might be interested in.

By writing us at, you can change your mind anytime and tell us not to touch you for marketing reasons. It will keep how you use our services the same.

Making use of your medical information for business

We may use your Medical Data to send you specific information about our goods and services if you have permission beforehand. It is different from letting us send you general marketing materials. For instance, if a customer told us they have asthma and asked us to give them marketing materials about asthma-related products and services, we might. This information will only be delivered to some groups so that they can send you information about their products and services.

You can email us at anytime to change your mind and say no to letting us use your Medical Data for marketing reasons. It will keep how you use our services the same.

A change of goal

We will only use Your Data for the reasons we collected it unless we have a good reason to believe that we need to use it for a different reason related to the original cause. Please email if you want to know how the processing for the new purpose fits in with the processing for the old drive. If we need to use Your Data for something that isn’t connected, we will let you know and explain the law that allows us to do that.

As long as we follow the above rules, please remember that we may process your data without your knowledge or permission if the law requires or allows us to.

Keeping your data safe

We have put the proper security steps in place to keep Your Data from getting lost, used or viewed without your permission, changed, or shared. We only let workers, managers, contractors, and other third parties who have a business need to see Your Data. They will only handle Your Data if we tell them to, and they must keep it secret.

We have set up steps to deal with any potential personal data breach. We will tell you and any relevant regulators about a violation if the law requires us to.

Please remember that sharing information over the internet isn’t always safe; sometimes, it can be read by someone else. Please be aware that any personal information you send us online is at your own risk, and we cannot promise its safety.

Keeping the data

Please be assured that we will only keep Your Data for as long as it takes to complete the tasks we collected it for, such as meeting any legal, financial, or reporting obligations.

We think about how long we should keep Your Data by looking at the type, amount, and sensitivity of the personal data, the risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of Your Data, the reasons we process Your Data and whether we can get those reasons any other way, and the laws that apply.

When we provide our services to you, we will keep your data to do so.

Please remember that if needed, we may keep Your Data longer than the times listed above. That being said, this will be looked at case by case. If we decide to retain Your Data for longer than the above times, we will let you know in writing when we give you our goods and services and explain why we need to keep it longer.

Take the Survey

For clinical control, we use SurveyMonkey to send you anonymous questions about your medical care. With this service, you can use our website to connect straight to third-party online survey sites.

Use Mailchimp

Your email address will be added to our marketing contact list through Mailchimp if you join our mailing list or magazine.

Links to Other Sites

On this website, there are sometimes links to plug-ins, apps, and websites that we do not own. Third parties can get information about you by clicking those links or allowing those contacts to work. We don’t run these outside websites, so we’re not responsible for their privacy policies and comments. Before you leave our site, you should read the privacy policies of every site you view.

The law protects you.

Following are some of your rights under data security rules regarding Your Data. It’s your right to:

Make a “data subject access request” to access your info. This lets you get a copy of the Your Data about you and ensure we are handling it legally.

Ask that the personal information we have on file about you be changed. You can use this to fix any missing or wrong information we have about you, though we may need to check the new data you give us to ensure it is correct.

Ask that your data be erased. You can ask us to delete or remove Your Data if we have no good reason to use it. Another right you have is to ask us to delete or remove Your Data if you have successfully used your right to object to processing (see below), if we may have processed Your Data illegally, or if local law requires us to do so. Remember, though, that we might only sometimes be able to erase what you want us to for legal reasons. If this happens, we will let you know at the time of your request.

Talking to Us

If you have any questions about Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to email us at